Changing times

In the modern world societies are changing with a great pace. The cause is the leap of technology and its reach to the social unit called family. One of the causes for change is increase in awareness and knowledge due to dissemination of information. It is often quoted that to eradicate an evil from a society, the best solution is to ‘educate them’.

Keeping in views such ideas , a 3day workshop on women empowerment was organized at MOP Vaishnav college for women [Nungambakkam] Chennai. The workshop was organized by Rajasthan association of Tamil Nadu and Bhartiya jain sangh [BJS]. It was organized with an aim and objective of preparing girls for facing challenges of life which awaited them in the world. They were taught to safeguard themselves in 21st century. They were acquainted with the changes which are taking place in the society since past 25-30 years.

An excerpt from the workshop – Download mp3

The workshop covered 4modules which included imparting specific skills in relation with family, friends, spouse and media by trainer Mr. Rajendra. On the last day of the workshop parents of participants were also called and given a session so that they could cooperate and understand their girl child better. A participant said that calling the parents and making them understand the situation was necessary, as its always a 2way process.

A valedictory function was organized on the last day of workshop i.e. 15th August. The participants were also asked to fill a questionnaire ‘Rosenzwig self esteem estimation scale’ to assess the change in their self esteem after workshop. The atmosphere in the auditorium was charged with positive emotions and it seemed like every one took their best out of the workshop. The head of Rajasthan association of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Vijay Bafna said “female is the backbone of a society and a society cant proceed for development if she is left behind in the process.” It seems that at least some steps are being taken in this regard with all such workshops.