A verse on ‘The Wind’

While I walked in hurry back to my place

On the path with tightened shoe lace,

I felt a sudden cosmic feeling

That it was always there to help me in healing.

As I walked past with fast steps

And the heavy load of my bag,

I felt the passing of the wind

amidst my fingers.

It felt light and soothing.

I opened my wrists to feel the experience

And in a moment,

The wind turned with me

For the pass and the passing and to come.

The wind roared loud,

The air felt light as cloud.

Everything around me mingled with its uttering sound.

The falling leaves from the desert trees,

The flutter of the weeds

And potato chip pack wrapper,

Which lay ahead of me at the ground..

Untill a stray dog came running and

On it did Pound !!

Mukti jain

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